No 4 (2012)

Private Sector-led Urban Development Projects. Management, Partnerships and Effects in the Netherlands and the UK

What can we learn from private sector-led urban development projects in the Netherlands and UK in terms of the collaborative and managerial roles of public and private actors, and the effects of their (inter)actions?

This dissertation provides an understanding of the various characteristics of private sector-led urban development projects by conducting empirical case study research in the institutional contexts of the Netherlands and the UK. The research provides an answer to the following research question:Central to this research lays the concept of private sector-led urban development projects. Such projects involve project developers taking a leading role and local authorities adopting a facilitating role, in managing the development of an urban area, based on a clear public-private role division. Such a development strategy is quite common in Anglo-Saxon urban development practices, but is less known in Continental European practices.

Table of Contents

PhD thesis

Erwin Heurkens