No 1 (2015)

From city’s station to station city

This book contributes to a design driven solution for station areas’ spatial dilemmas; a solution within the domain of architecture, which takes advantage of the interdisciplinary framework of station area redevelopment projects by learning from and working with it. By building (spatial) knowledge based on a wide variety of sources, but mostly based on the use of the instruments and methods proper of architecture, this book aims to develop architectural tools to design better performing spaces at station areas. Such knowledge can clarify and enhance the role of this discipline in the field of station area redevelopment. Further, it can benefit all the actors of these complex interdisciplinary projects, architects or not. It can ground a common path to the improvement of the (planning of) European station area’s spaces and consequently, and most importantly, its users.

Table of Contents

PhD thesis

Ana Luísa Martins da Conceição