No 3 (2015)

Evolutionary design assistants for architecture

The overall aim of this issue of A+BE is the development of approaches, techniques, and tools towards artificial design assistants for architecture. The design assistants offer a capability for generating drafts for sub-tasks within design processes. The main technology explored for this aim is Evolutionary Computation, and the target design domain is architecture. In this issue Onur Sönmez investigates the ways to develop an architectural design assistant, and the utilization of Evolutionary Computation for the development of such assistants. 
This research is shaped as a parallel investigation of three main threads interwoven along several levels, moving from a more general level to specific applications. The three research threads comprise, first, theoretical discussions and speculations with regard to both existing literature and the proposals and applications of the thesis; secondly, proposals for descriptive and prescriptive models, mappings, summary illustrations, task structures, decomposition schemes, and integratory frameworks; and finally, experimental applications of these proposals.

Table of Contents

PhD thesis

N. Onur Sönmez