No 5 (2017)

Advancing the manufacture of complex geometry GFRC for today's building envelopes

Thin-walled glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) panels are being used as the primary cladding material on many landmark buildings, especially in the last decade.

However, when GFRC has been proposed for buildings with a complex freeform geometry it has been replaced with alternative materials such as glass reinforced plastic (GFRP) due to the high cost and time required to fabricate suitable GFRC panels using conventional manufacturing methods. This book investigates the question how the manufacture of complex geometry thin-walled GFRC can be advanced to meet today’s architectural demands.

The key barrier here is the process of producing the mould for casting the complex geometry GFRC panels. Solutions to resolve them were tested over several stages for each of the main production methods most suited for the manufacture of thin-walled GFRC, namely; the automated premixed method, the premixed method, and the sprayed method.

Table of Contents

PhD thesis

Thomas Henriksen