No 7 (2017)

Enhancing [Spatial] Creativity – Enhancing creativity of architects by applying unconventional virtual environments

This dissertation explores the application of Unconventional virtual environments (UVEs) for enhancing creativity in the domains of architecture pedagogy and practice. Besides finding parameters which are correlated with creativity in architecture design, the two main primary objectives driving this research are the following:

• Is it possible to reverse the process of diminishing creativity by providing new visual feed/stimulus to the brain by exploring UVEs? Does the combination of this new visual feed with the previous knowledge of space and geometry, help the brain in generating creative ideas? Does the mutation in the combination of ideas happen?

• Does starting the design process from a higher dimension help the designer generate more creative ideas? Does changing the medium and design tools help the architect to be more creative? If the answer is positive how this can be implemented in architecture practice?

Table of Contents

PhD thesis

Alireza Mahdizadeh Hakak